Energy is everywhere. 

You are made of energy. In fact, everything in the world is made of energy and there are two basic types. Physical energy, the first type, is anything you can see and measure. The desk chair that you sit on, the hair that you run your fingers through, the food that you eat, the bones that make up your body. Subtle energy is the other type. It is usually invisible to the human eye and although indiscernible, it’s what creates, sustains and underlies all living and non-living things that we observe in the physical world ranging from the unfolding of galaxies to the development of life. 

Humans have an electro-magnetic field and seven major energy centers (commonly known as chakras) that interpenetrate and extend beyond the skin. It is this realm that energy work focuses on. Examples of subtle energy are your thoughts and feelings or the feeling of calm you experience when you step into nature. You are experiencing subtle energy when you walk into a room and get a bad feeling even though you don't have a clue what is going on. It is why in acupuncture, pressure on a point in your foot can help resolve issues you may be experiencing with your liver.

All disease originates in your subtle energy field. 

What is most important for you to know about your energy field is that it is here that all disease originates. By disease, I mean physical ailments as well as emotional and psychological issues (dis-ease of the mind and spirit). Disease occurs when there is an imbalance of energy flow. Anything can cause this: a current illness, unresolved grief, unprocessed trauma, trust and self esteem issues, work dissatisfaction as well as conflicts that may be out of your awareness! The list is endless but the theme is the same: something that needs to be expressed or worked out is NOT. Imbalances can manifest physically (i.e, back pain, cancer, allergies, chronic health conditions such as IBS) or emotionally (i.e, depression, insomnia, anxiety, obsessive thinking, disordered eating, addiction).

Mind-Body Connection. 

Since the nervous system extends to every organ and tissue in the body, the mind technically exists everywhere. What this mean is that your thoughts exist not just in your brain but everywhere! When our thoughts and feelings get blocked or fixated on they energetically end up collecting in various locations throughout the body. Instead of there being a flow, the energy gets jammed and the physical organs that exist at these locations get restricted as well resulting in a compromise in their functioning.

Issues manifest where you are most vulnerable.

If there is a family history of cancer or mental illness, the energy imbalance if not treated can manifest at these predisposed points. Issues also manifest symbolically. These are typically psychosomatic symptoms where there is no identifiable medical cause and are hard to treat.  For example, control and self-esteem issues usually manifest in chronic stomach problems and result in diagnoses such as Irritable Bowl Syndrome and chronic indigestion; relationship and trust issues often manifest in your reproductive organs resulting in diagnoses such as Interstitial Cystitis.

True healing occurs when all levels are addressed. 

We are wired to heal and to live to our fullest potential. When you are not living your truth, you better believe that the part of you that wants the best for you will do ANYTHING to wake you up.


I believe all healing is self-healing. In other words, you are the healer. I work energetically with you to open a space for healing to take place-a space in which you can explore new possibilities for self-expression and expansion and discover where your passions lie, where your desire is, what your gifts are, what it is that you want to create in this life. By create, I mean expressing yourself in a way that aligns with who you are as a unique individual. A musician and an accountant, for example, are both creating as long as what they are doing feels like an act of genuine self-expression.


The first 20 minutes to half hour of the session is talking and assessment-the time for you to let me know what you are struggling with and what you would like to achieve.

The last half hour of the session is where the hands on work occurs. I  scan your energy field and with your permission, lightly touch you where needed to open up your energetic channels where the space for healing can take placeThis is an interactive process. Images and feelings may arise that we can discuss or I may guide you through a visualization. It's a free flow process and healing happens whether there is communication or not. Where the intention goes, the energy flows. In other words, as we join together with the intention to set in motion a healing process that will benefit your highest good, whatever needs to be addressed will surface.


Health is a process of harmony-one of being in a loving relationship with yourself and with your environment. A basic yet powerful premise of energy work is that each person is simultaneously unique in individuality as well as ONE with all of life. When two people enter into a caring and therapeutic moment, a new and more expansive field of consciousness is created. This is a shared consciousness that also taps into the universal energy of life, which is extremely powerful and inherently loving. From this higher, more evolved place, a new possibility for healing gets born. Here you are automatically aligned with your authentic self, the self that is all loving and fully empowered. Tapping into this larger unitary field through the therapeutic relationship creates the space within your own unique experience to see, feel, and act on whatever needs to develop for you to get closer to realizing your own physical, emotional, and spiritual potential.