Danielle Benvenuto is a psychotherapist and energy healer who specializes in psychoanalysisenergy work, & mindfulness meditation making the work she does integrative in nature. Danielle is based in New York City but also works internationally splitting her time between Berlin, Germany and Reykjavic, Iceland. She provides Skype sessions and distance healing in addition to her office based work.

Danielle believes each person has something unique to express and create through their work, relationships, and the small moments of every day life. She is passionate about awakening in others a curiosity for self-expression and expansion in whichever way this naturally unfolds. Tuning into the body, nature, and the healing power of sound and visualization are important elements in her work.

Danielle works with individual, couples, and groups. Her groups focus primarily on exploring and experiencing different types of meditation practices. She holds workshops for professionals in NYC and internationally on topics such as integrating mindfulness with psychotherapy, dreamwork approaches and techniques, and one day intensive meditation experiences focusing on cultivating intuition, inner child work, and the art of manifestation.

Danielle received her MSW from New York University and is affiliated with the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Center where she received advanced training in psychoanalysis. She has studied various energy work modalities including Reiki and Healing Touch and has worked with healers from more esoteric backgrounds.